Happiness and Us.

You know, if one add simplicity in their life, simplicity to their stuff, their heart, their mind and their soul, trust me they gonna be the happiest people alive. Happiness and sadness comes from our actions, and we cannot blame others for this, its our decisions and acts that take us towards sadness and happiness. [...]

Solutions to Working Relationships.

It is so much easy to take your relationship successful for long, Love is a feeling, and just like other stuff if you give it all of your time it weakens. it should be given some space. a distance for a while to feel deeply about the person you love, not staying next to them [...]

Pashto Ghzl.

"Da da noro khalko pa shairunu, pa khabaro aw haal da zra pa wayalo khu nada, Da khalko zrhuna gatal da noro shayarano pa lafzunu khu nada, Shayar ham sta ghunte insaan dy pa zra bande beemar dy. pa meena ke mukhkis dy, Qurban pa khpal janan dy. Da zra sawi haluna lekal agha dapara [...]