A Sad Story.

One night the boy and girl were driving down a deserted road, the surroundings enveloped by silence , neither of them spoke since long. At last by breaking the ice the boy told the girl that he wanted to say something …..

But before the boy even had the chance to complete , she handed him a piece of paper and the conversation came to a pause. The boy told her that he can’t continue this anymore and ……. He wants to leave her. All of a sudden, in a blink of an eye, a speeding vehicle hit the car.

The boy survived, But the girl slept for eternity.

The boy unfolded the paper. The words craved screamed …..

The End.

-Demented Saad via Rida.


Her voice like bells still rings in my ears,and all i do is shed tears. 

only if those precious moments return when we were together,

when i owned her heart and her wait for me to her felt like forever.

time flew and i realised

solitude has replaced the place she once use to reside,

now with solitude i fly 

her voice and the memories before my eyes that slide.

-Demented Saad via Rida boblai

uski awaz aaaj tak meri kaaano mein ghoonjti rehti he, mein aansu peeene ky siwa aur kuch nahi kar pata.

kash wo pal lot ayae jab hum saath rehte thy, us ka dil mera he muntazir rehta, abhi tou jaise tanhai ne uski jaga leli.

ab sirf mein hun, meri tanhai aur uski awaaz aur yaadein he.

-Demented Saad

Da haghe awaz usa pore me pa ghwagunu razi, che rapyaad she nu jaredal ghwarama khu da ukhku selab me ghara bandawe.

armaan che agha wakh wapas ratlaly shwy che bamu yobal sara kam saat terawaly, 

za ba mashughul pa khpal lofartob uma aw agha ba zama pa intezaaar wa,

kaash che me hagha wakh qadar kary wy nan ba duna ruswa kedal pade zindagai khu nawy.

us khu da haghe zy balcha waghasto, za ye yal tanha pate kralam khpal yadoou ke aw khpal awazunu ke.

-demented saad

Love with some aspects.

Love is A vast thing to explain, it’s a feeling, a tendency towards someone, one whom you always want to be yours, near to you. Much closer, It draws a smile on one’s face when thinking of their beloved, it goes by.
You feel comfortable, share your problems and yourself to them. But to grow the tree of love you often have to keep it more simpler, no doubts, more trust. No possessiveness. It works with ups and downs just like when you have something you don’t really care but when you lose it you miss it too much, love is the same. It needs space always. Don’t be sticky to a person you love all the time as it decreases love. Let the two hearts crave for each other, let them miss each other. Don’t utter about love it’s not really the time to, let it be when the heart speaks of it.

Now, there are few more things.
Priorities and nature.
Some people are born more addicted to love so they more likely go for love more than hard work or success.
On the other side there are people who set their priorities, classify them in the way to achieve it step by step, one cannot live only with love as there are many things else to do, jobs, studies, taxes, family, friends, later on, kids, enjoyment. So it really keeps things limited and doesn’t really give a chance to love. It’s about priorities now. If one is too busy in his/her Job and stuff they more likely follow the routine of getting successful and make money.
We often listen to our hearts when we are lonely, as love rises in the heart so yeah when we are not really busy in life we think of love.

Ancient people were good in love because their goals were lesser, the world was so limited for them, earning and eating were the only thing for them, no competitions were there, no holidays, there were no adventures that’s why they were so good and yet called for their love.
If you take an example of Romeo and Juliet, they both were rich, they weren’t having the desire to make more money, buy cars or vacations etc, they desired for a partner to love. That’s why it’s famous because their minds were on loving each other.

Yes, we can love things like buying a vintage car, modifying it time to time. But that’s for a time being, a temporary love When you get older and you take a bed and you feel alone then you think that you should loved someone so it would have been better.

There exists a love with God and Parents that is much more beautiful than the 3rd one, some people kill their desires and find peace in worshipping God, follow the paths, ask for the basic needs and getting relief, on the other hand me (Saad) who dont really like to love his God more, so he wishes for many things, yet get his heart broken, desires to go on adventures and holidays, skip prayers and complain that he is depress and no peace

When you know how to love God you can love anyone.

-Demented Saad


Facts Undefined yet.

A time comes when you stop going after every girl, when you
get mature with hours passing by so as your mind and actions
and you come to know that your objective is not getting every
girl and feel comfortable with them but to fall for one
completely, manage things properly so that it wont affect
your love for that SPECIAL ONE. Go on chasing your dreams and
goals with satisfaction of gotten a major objective already.

-Demented Saad